People often ask me...

. . . is any of this true? This is how I've chosen to answer a fairly complicated question -

Stories are like teeth in England—everyone has at least one and most people have several. Whitewater Opera is not so much about the alpha males in life who innocently lead us into peril. Rather, it is about those for whom the mantle of leadership and courage is often thrown upon their shoulders whether they want it there or not. The led become the leaders . . . or often die trying. This book is about them and their daily courage, not just to survive, but to prevail, as Faulkner would say.


The names and characters in this tale are fictional. Any resemblance to people you might know is sheer coincident. I am not any of these characters, nor are any of the people I know.  They are composites of all of us, really - the good, the bad, the courageous, and the timid in everyone. Our attitude determines who shows up on any given day.


The names of the actual locations have been changed to protect the trout. Anywhere in the Maine wilderness you may find the same beauty, the same challenges, and the same potential opportunities for the leaders and for the led.

... to whom did you dedicate this book?

This novel is dedicated to those currently in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are the real warriors who wear the mantle of leadership on a daily basis and provide us with the basic freedoms we so often take for granted—including the right to say what’s on our mind.